Lucas Taylor is a managing partner at Anderson & Taylor. He has distinguished himself as a premier defense attorney in the State of Iowa. Mr. Taylor has a reputation of excellence in general, but excels at advocacy in the courtroom. Mr. Taylor has a wealth of experience at trial and is often successful in cases that some think can’t be won. Mr. Taylor does an aggressive and thorough investigation of each case, exploring all avenues of defense. His meticulous preparation for hearings, arguments and his expert trial advocacy skills resulted in a list of representative cases that speaks for itself.


Acquittal at Trial on two counts of Robbery 1st Degree. Polk County Case No. FECR306318.
Client was charged with two counts of Robbery in the 1st Degree, each a Class B Felony.  The client was facing a maximum of up to 50 years in prison. Mr. Taylor thoroughly investigated the matter, including defending against an eyewitness identification and a canine leading police to a suspect.  Mr. Taylor vigorously litigated pretrial motions and the matter ultimately proceeded to a jury trial.  Mr. Taylor argued to the jury that the identification procedure was so inherently suggestive to the point it was completely unreliable.  He was also able to instill doubt regarding the officer and the canine unit alerting to the alleged suspect.  He accomplished this through aggressive cross-examination and experienced argument.  Mr. Taylor’s thorough and skillful questioning demonstrated the holes in the prosecution’s case, which ultimately led to a full acquittal in favor of his client.

Dismissal at Trial on Arson 1st Degree.  Polk County Case No. FECR310446.

The client was charged with Arson 1st Degree, a Class B Felony.  The client was facing a maximum of up to 25 years with a minimum of 17 years in prison.  Mr. Taylor retained a fire investigation expert who was able to demonstrate that the client could not have committed the crime even though a video showed the client being near the fire when it started.  However, the case was dismissed prior to it be submitted to the jury.  Mr. Taylor, after exhaustive research, successfully argued the video was unfairly edited and violated the client's constitutional rights.  After the judge agreed with Mr. Taylor, the prosecution was forced to dismiss the case at trial.

Acquittal at Trial on Dependent Abuse, Sexual Exploitation of Adult Dependent.  Case No. Withheld
Client was charged with Dependent Abuse, Sexual Exploitation of Adult Dependent.  After depositions were conducted and a complete investigation, Mr. Taylor was able to obtain records that demonstrated the accuser had changed their story several times and he discovered exculpatory evidence.  After the prosecution refused to dismiss the matter, the case proceeded to a jury trial in which Mr. Taylor’s client received a not guilty verdict on all charges against him.

Acquittal at Trial on Sex Abuse 3rd Degree, Warren County Case No. Withheld
The client was charged with Sexual Abuse in the 3rd Degree and Domestic Abuse by Strangulation and Injury, a Class C and D felony respectively, as well as the lessor offense of misdemeanor assault. The client was facing a maximum of 15 years in prison. The matter proceeded to a jury trial after the prosecution refused to drop the sexual abuse 3rd degree charge.   During trial, Mr. Taylor employed a unique legal strategy that allowed admission of exculpatory evidence without subjecting his client to relentless questioning from the State.  The evidence introduced showed the accuser made the claims for financial gain and Mr. Taylor’s client received a not guilty verdict on the Sexual Abuse 3rd charge and Domestic Assault by Strangulation.

Acquittal at Trial on Operating a Vehicle without Owners Consent. Polk County Case No. AGCR288937
The client was charged with an Operating a Vehicle Without Owners Consent.  The matter proceeded to a jury trial.  The prosecution attempted to bring in unlawful evidence, but Mr. Taylor successfully argued to the Court that this evidence should be excluded.  Mr. Taylor’s client was found not guilty by the jury on all charges against him.


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