Karmen Anderson is a managing partner with Anderson & Taylor, P.L.L.C. located in Des Moines, Iowa. She practices in the area of criminal defense, appellate advocacy and family law. Prior to partnering up with trial attorney, Lucas Taylor, Karmen ran a successful solo practice for four years.

Karmen earned her Juris Doctorate from William Mitchell College of Law in 2010, and a B.S. Degree from Upper Iowa University in 2007. She is admitted to the Supreme Court of Iowa and the United States Supreme Court.

Karmen has worked extensively in matters involving trial and appellate advocacy arguing in front of the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals and the Iowa Court of Appeals. She has a solid reputation for zealously advocating for her client as well as distinguished oral argument skills as represented by the cases below:

16-1541 Reversed on Appeal. Client pled guilty to possession of a dangerous weapon (brass Knuckles). The sentence was vacated by the Iowa court of Appeals because the State had not proved that brass knuckles were a dangerous weapon.

17-0237 Reversed on Appeal. The juvenile court terminated mother’s rights after a lengthy five-day termination proceeding. Karmen was able to successfully argue that the mother’s rights were terminated in error and that she should be reunified with her child. The Court of Appeals agreed finding that a single incident of domestic abuse is not sufficient to show that a parent poses a material risk to the child at issue and that the state had not met its burden of proof in establishing grounds to terminate mother’s parental rights.

FECR252942 – A defendant pled guilty to Dependent Adult Abuse. Following his plea of guilt, Ms. Anderson represented the client when the State filed a Motion to seek restitution in the amount of $40,523.17. After a contested trial on the issue, the State was awarded $0.00.

AGCR245712 Acquittal. Client was charged with theft in the third degree. The State had proposed prior plea offers to include a simple misdemeanor, and on the advice of counsel, Defendant declined. The State attempted to prove that the Defendant in that case had stolen a bottle of liquor from the Oasis Liquor Store. Ms. Anderson was able to refute the States case, resulting in a not guilty verdict for the client.

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