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What is the deadline to file an appeal?

You have thirty days to file an appeal after a final ruling. There are certain pleadings that can toll that deadline, but if the deadline is missed, the court lacks jurisdiction to hear the case.

How much does an appeal cost?

The cost of appealing a case varies depending on the length of the case, the cost of transcripts and the nature of the appeal. In some cases, transcripts and filing fees can be waived due to indigency.

Can I appeal if I did not have a trial?

Yes, in some cases you can still appeal even if you have entered a guilty plea.

If I missed the thirty-day deadline, can I still appeal?

You may not have the right of a direct appeal, but you may have other options, such as, post-conviction relief, a Writ of Habeas or filing a modification. You should contact an attorney to determine your options.